About this site...

This site is managed and maintained by Stuart Maxwell, but the checks are based on the amazing work by Sasha Romijn for the Pony Checkup site that she ran for over 8 years.

While the Pony Checkup site was around for years and processed ~28,000 checks, this site is still in its infancy but we have lots of ideas about how it can improved and developed over time.


For feedback, suggestions, praise, or complaints, you can get in touch with Stuart by email . If you find this site useful, perhaps you'd like to shout me a coffee?

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What checks?

There are currently 10 different checks that are run over your Django site, and we have plans to add more over time.

  • Have you disabled DEBUG mode?
  • Is your site using HTTPS?
  • Can we find your admin site, and is it only accessible through HTTPS?
  • Can we find a user login page, and is it only accessible through HTTPS?
  • Do you have the CSRF cookie on pages with forms?
  • Have you enabled HSTS?
  • Have you configured the X-Frame header?
  • Is the TRACE HTTP method disabled?
  • And more to come...