DJ Checkup results for...

Well done!

We have no recommendations to make, you're doing a great job.

Note: Based on our scanning process, we're pretty sure your site is running Django, but we can't be 100% sure.

DEBUG Not Enabled

Your site correctly has the DEBUG setting disabled.

HTTP Redirecting to HTTPS

Excellent - your site automatically redirects HTTP traffic to HTTPS.

HTTPS Enabled

Nice - your site is accessible with HTTPS.

HSTS Enabled

Your site is looking nice and secure so far with HSTS configured in addition to HTTPS.

X-Frame Header Enabled

Excellent - the X-Frame header will help prevent clickjacking attacks on your website.

No Admin Site Found

You've done a great job hiding the Admin site from probing bots.

No Logon Site Found

Looks like we couldn't find any way to log in to your site - hope that's intended. :-)

TRACE Method Disabled

The TRACE method is rarely useful and can cause harm when left enabled, so well done for disabling it.

CSRF Cookie Found

We found a CSRF cookie on your website which means you're securing your forms correctly.